This school is known as Sardonyx School since 1st Nov' 09. Earlier it was St. Xavier's High School, Founded in 1991 with the objective of imparting a standard education from Nursery to Secondary (Xth) classes and ensuring a fair and remarkable results in class and Secondary Examination, the school prepares students for the All India Secondary School Examination conducted by CBSE. The school strictly follows the syllabus prescribed by NCERT. Itis an English Medium and Co-Education Institution,

but great strees is also given on Hindi, the National language. Though taught in English, Students are made to understand the subject clearly in Hindi.

The School is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. The School is a unit of Bharat Charitable Trust, a non Profitable organization founded for the advancement, promotion and spread of Education and many other charitable objects beneficial to the general public. The Trust is registered under section 12(a) Aof the Indian Income Tax Act. 1961.

The School is dedicated to impart such type of education, the process of which ~ tends to train a person into a complete man to the excellence of all his/her natural and supernatural facilities and talents. The school believes in the worthiness and uniqueness of the individual and aims at fostering each individual's potentialities. Thus, it provides varied opportunities for successful step wise learning and well growth.

The School tries to place the students in an intelligent and healthy environment in which they might thrive and grow in relationship to the ideas, problems and achievements of mankind.

The school offers a programme which aims towards helping students to acquire modern scientific attitude and attend spirit of inquiry; ability for personal thought and evaluation, creativity, responsibility and leadership; motivation so as to pursue a excellence in academic or any other field and shun mediocrity and create ability to express himself/herself well in speech and writings preparing the student for life and helping him/her to choose an apt vocation.

The school takes great care in teaching good manners to its students, making them smart, bold, courteous, dutiful, obedient, mixing and friendly. The school follows Strict discipline. It insists on strict punctuality, regularity, cleanliness in dress as well as in habits, general grooming, study fidelity and work assignments.

The Academic year is from April to March.

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Sardonyx School recognizes that each child is an individual that all children are creative and have some hidden talents that all children need to succeed.

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