8th Apr'22 (Fri)

New Session Starts

30th Apr'22 (Sat)

Hand Writing Competition

13th May'22(Fri)

Supply of Summer Vacation H/W

13th June'22 (Mon)

School Re Open After Summer Vacation

22th June'22(Wed)

Essay Competition(III to X)

25th June'22(Sat)

Fee till June must be up to date for 1st P.T Admit Card

2nd July'22(Sat)

Debate (III to X)

15July'22 (Fri)

Supply of 1st Periodic Test Syllabus

16th Aug'22(Tue)

1st P.T. Copy to be Shown to Students (III to X)

20th Aug'22(Sat)

P.T.M. (Copy Showing) to Parents (III to X)

24th Aug'22(Wed)

Supply of H/Y Exam Syllabus (Nur to IV)

26Aug'22 (Fri)

Fee till Aug. must be up to date for H/Y Admit Card

29th Aug'22(Mon)

Revision for H/Y Exam (Nur to X)

09th Sep'22(Fri)

H/Y Exam from and onwards (Nur to X)

26th Sep'22(Mon)

D.P Holiday H/W Supply

2nd Oct'22(Sun)

Swachha Bharat Abhiyan

7th Oct'22 (Fri)

Group Discussion (III to X)

10th Oct'22(Mon)

H/Y Scond Periodic Exam Copy to be Shown to Students (III to X)

12th Oct'22(Wed)

Rangoli Competition for Girls (III to X)

15th Oct'22(Sat)

P.T.M. Copy Showing (Nur to X)

12th Nov'22(Sat)

P.T.M. (Open Day) Results

23th Nov'22(Wed)

Fee till Nov. must be up to date for 2nd/3rd P.T Admit Card

28th Nov'22 (Mon)

Supply of 2nd P.t of (I to VIII) / 3rd Periodic Test Syllabus (IX & X)

05th Dec'22(Mon)

Revision for 2nd P.T (I to VIII) / 3rd Periodic Test (IX & X)

12th Dec'22 (Mon)

2nd P.t of (I to VIII) / 3rd Periodic Test onwards (IX & X)

07th Jan'23(Sat)

Copy to be shown to students of 3rd/2nd P.T (III to X)

13th Jan'23(Fri)

P.T.M. Copy Showing (Nur to X)

18th Jan'23(Wed)

Fire Safety Training (VI to X)

20th Jan'23(Fri)

Cricket Match (VIII & IX)

25th Jan'23(Wed).

Pre Board - X

1st Feb'23(Wed).

Supply of Syllabus for Annual Exam

6th Feb'23(Mon).

Revision for Annual Exam

15th Feb'23(Wed).

Fee till Mar. must be up to date for Annual exam Admit card

20th Feb'23(Mon).

Annual Examination onwards (Nur to IX)

23th Mar'23(Thur).

P.T.M. (Open Day) Result

23th to 25th Mar'23(Wed).

Purchasing Books

5th Mar'23(Wed).

New Session Starts

P.T.M. (No Class)

20th Aug'22(Sat).

P.T.M. (Copy showing)

15th Oct'22(Sat).

P.T.M. (Copy showing)

12th Nov'22(Sat).

P.T.M.(Open Day) Result H/Y

13th Jan'23(Fri).

P.T.M. (Copy showing)

23th Mar'23(Thur).

P.T.M.(Open Day) Annual Result

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