Fit India Movement is a public movement conceptualized by the Government of India, with the aim of inspiring its citizens to be more physically active and fit.

The event was launched on 29 August 2019, the National Sports Day .The scheme tries to address the health issues caused due to sedentary lifestyle. It conveys a message that inactivity breeds lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardio-vascular complications, obesity, etc and a regular physical activity be it sports or normal walk, will be helpful to stay disease free. So, SARDONYX SCHOOL, JHAJHA initiated to celebrate the Fit India Movement from 15 to 21 November 2019.Many activities were conducted during the week to inspire the students for a healthy life. To name a few, yoga was carried out in which students performed exercises and asana, aerobics, a rhythmic fitness activity with stretching and strength training made the students dance on the beat, a sports quiz competition was held with the goal of improving the knowledge of fitness elements and the craziness overloaded with indigenous games pithu and rassa- kasse (Tug of War) played between the teachers and the parents to keep them active and laughing.

The movement aims at encouraging people towards a more active lifestyle for a healthy future. People were asked to exercise regularly, play recreational sports and perform yoga to stay fit.

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